A Cake For Every Occasion

At Lassana Flora, we truly believe that it is always a good time for cake! Cakes are a great way to celebrate life’s special moments, even if it is not necessarily a special occasion, a cake brings joy and sweetness to life!  From cupcakes to birthday cakes or even healthy cakes, this sweet treat will always put a smile on any face— especially if it’s coupled with a bouquet of fresh flowers

If you are thinking of sending a gift to a loved one to brighten their day, here are some cake ideas. 

For Birthday Parties 

Is it even a birthday party without a cake? Cakes and birthdays go together like bread and butter. At birthday parties, the highlight is when you blow out the candles, make a wish and cut the cake; that moment when you’re surrounded by all your loved ones, and you’re about to cut your cake— you feel truly content. 

We understand the importance of having the perfect birthday cake since it plays such a big part in your birthday, which is why we have a whole host of birthday cake options available and you will be sure to find one to suit you. Chocolate cakes and Ribbon cakes are some of the most popular options and you can customize the cake with different colored icing and patterns. 

For Romantic Occasions 

Nothing says ‘I love you quite like gifting your special someone a decadent gateau cake in one hand and a bouquet of red roses in the other. If you are thinking of giving your love an anniversary present or a Valentine’s Day gift, a romantic cake is a sweet way of professing your love. Try the gateau heart-shaped cakes, these cakes are soft and moist and have a creamy chocolate filling, the perfect indulgent treat, and a great way to spoil your partner. 

For Tea Time 

For most of us in Sri Lanka, tea time is our favorite time of the day. There’s nothing better than a slice of plain butter cake or even a yummy slice of fruit cake accompanied with a golden cup of Ceylon’s finest. 

Just Because

Most times you don’t even need a reason to have cake. If you want a midday treat or an after-dinner dessert, try our cheesecake. A creamy and delicious cake on a bed of moist graham cracker crust and topped with fresh fruit sourced from our farmers around the island is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser!

For The Health Fanatics 

Don’t worry, we all have that friend, you know the one who never skips going to the gym and counts all their calories. It can be quite a challenge for your fit friend to let loose and indulge, which is why we’ve carefully created a variety of healthy cakes which any fitness fanatic would love. Our low-sugar coffee cake is the perfect guilt-free treat! 

When it comes to flowers, Lassana Flora is an expert. Not only are we the largest flower growers in Sri Lanka, but all our products- whether it be flowers, cakes or fresh produce- are also ISO certified. We deeply care about brightening up someone’s day, and our cake delivery service in Sri Lanka is another way of doing just that. To place your order, visit us at Lassana.com