Flowers that Grow in Sri Lanka

What are the Flowers that Grow in Sri Lanka?

Sitting on the equator, Sri Lanka is blessed with eternal summer. Due to the warmth and constant sunshine, you will always be able to find different types of fresh flowers in Sri Lanka. While the country has an extensive list of endemic flora, due to years of the trade from other countries, we also have flowering plants that aren’t native to Sri Lanka but that have nonetheless become part of the country. Here are some of the flowers that grow on the island. 


Roses are certainly a fan favorite. These flowers are always one of the best sellers of flower shops in Colombo and the rest of the island. With over 300 species of roses, each flower is unique when it comes to colour, scent, and meaning, if you’re curious about the meanings read our blog here. Unlike Ehela (Golden Rain Tree) or the Flame of the Forest which are seasonal flowers in Sri Lanka that bloom during April, roses are grown year-round. These blossoms are perfect for gift-giving but they’re just as beautiful to have to grow in your house! 


It would be an understatement to say that anthuriums are one of the most common flowers in Sri Lanka. This vibrant and versatile flower has been the darling of plant lovers and although they seemed outdated there is a surge in popularity for anthuriums in Sri Lanka. This brightly coloured flower has been given many names, but the name that truly captures its beauty is ‘flamingo flower’ because of its bright pink hue. Anthuriums look lovely in any bouquet and instantly bring a tropical feel to it, but they are also one of the best long-lasting houseplants. 


With records of its existence which date back to 15th century BC China, the humble chrysanthemum is one of the most adaptable types of flowers and it comes in different shapes and colours. Although not endemic to Sri Lanka, chrysanthemums thrive in the country’s highland. Along with being a very versatile flower, at Lassana Flora we have used floriculture practices and the latest technology to provide our customers with long-lasting chrysanthemums to ensure you can enjoy these blooms for as long as possible. 


Orchids flourish in Sri Lanka. The country’s mixture of a tropical and cool climate is perfect for these delicate flowers to bloom, and this is why Sri Lanka has over 185 identified species of orchids, 74 of which are endemic to the island. The Peradeniya Botanical Garden has a world-renowned orchid collection which you must not miss on a visit to Kandy. However, if you want something a little closer to home you can always buy a potted orchid plant from Lassana Flora, a great housewarming gift. 


Although lilies originate from the northern hemisphere, over the years many species of the flowers have been grown in the tropical and sub-tropical regions. Apart from holding an important role in literature and culture, these fragrant blossoms come in a variety of colours and are popular decorative flowers. Nowadays, lilies are a close rival to roses with more people choosing this delicate flower for its sweet aroma and exotic appearance. The flowers are also popularly used for teaching children a flower’s anatomy. 

Water Lilies 

During the ancient times, much before colonisation, Sri Lankans were cultivating flowers for religious festivals and these flowers were mainly Authentic Water Lilies which are native to Sri Lanka. However, it wasn’t until British rule that floriculture really came into practice. There are three types of water lilies; Olu (a humble white flower), Nil Manel (a vivid magenta flower with a yellow centre), and Nelum (a blush pink flower). The Manel is the most popular variety and is in fact the national flower of Sri Lanka. This flower has been admired for centuries and is even painted on the walls of the Sigiriya Rock Fortress where the Apsaras are holding this flower. 

It is no secret that Sri Lanka is home to a several stunning flowers which range from the long lasting anthuriums to the elusive nelu flower which blooms once every 12 years. Whether you’re looking for a beautifully decorated bouquet, or you want a potted plant to try your hand at gardening, Lassana Flora can help you fulfil all your floral needs.