More Than Just Flowers

Lassana Flora: More Than Just Flowers 

Over the years Lassana Flora has firmly established itself as Sri Lanka’s premier one-stop-shop for all things flower-related. Our stores are widely spread and our flower delivery service takes place across the country. From birthdays to weddings, we have been by your side for it all, and now we are taking it a step further with our selection of fresh fruits and vegetables.

We have always prioritized giving you the freshest flowers and now we do the same with our fruit and vegetable delivery service in Sri Lanka. Here are some factors that make our delivery service bar none. 

Hand-Picked Just For You 

Another factor that sets us apart from the rest is that all products available are handpicked just for you. If you order a bundle from our website you are guaranteed to receive the best fruit and vegetable delivery in Sri Lanka. Our team carefully chooses each and every fruit and vegetable before it is packed and delivered to your doorstep. 

Lower Prices 

We also offer prices below the standard supermarket prices, ensuring you will receive quality products without breaking your budget.

Empowering Communities 

We care deeply about the dedicated men and women who grow our fresh produce, because of this, we guarantee to give the best prices to our farmers. We understand and appreciate the fact that it is only through their hard work that we get food on our tables, by giving them a fair price we help empower them which in turn betters their livelihoods.  

Modern Technology 

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to farming and delivering produce is wastage. It is inevitable that at every stage of the journey some of the harvests will perish, but we have adopted modern techniques to minimize wastage.

Freezer Trucks 

Our long relationship with flowers has taught us a lot about how to keep the produce as fresh as possible. Most of our fruits and vegetables are grown in the verdant hills of the central province and to ensure they remain fresh we transport them in our state-of-the-art freezer trucks. From the time the fruits and vegetables are plucked, they are put in these freezer trucks till they are delivered to your doorstep, to guarantee that quality and freshness are maintained.